Ba falcon icc not working

Can please tell me why my indicators and hazards lights dont work when i turn left or right no signal lights on dash either but can still hear flasher unit runing fast BA Bf ford falcon and where can i find correct fues for turn signals and hazard?

Check you 15amp hazard fuse located driver side under the boot and fuel button, should be number 2 on fuse panel bottom row, 2nd fuse I had same issue not long ago and that fuse was blown after my dogs are away at my trailer harness at rear of car. Hey, how'd you go figuring out the solution?

Seems were having the same trouble. That was the time of free love and the start of disco. I was too stoned at Uni to remember my own name, least of all what 5m means on a car. Disconnect your battery overnight and reconnect in the morning. This will reset the computer to factory default. HI there. Was driving my xr6 ba then suddenly steering was lost, battery light and thermostat light came on and temp gauge straight to 'H'.

Stopped and opened bonnet. A rubber belt was in pieces - fan belt? Timing belt? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Poor old car doneKS. She's been so loyal until now. I got a ba auto drove it to work and parked it and when I Finnish work went to start it all dash lights lite up but it won't start or wind over what could be wrong please help? Mick, did you have it in Park?

Easy mistake to make if you're in a rush. Mine is doing exactly the same. Did you get an answer or get it started???? I have a ba ute 6 cylinder can I convert it to an xr8 easy enough do all body parts fit and the motor fit realitivly easy? You can but why would you unless you plan on making it a show car. Somebody may have put chemiweld crack sealer in the radiator. I have a ba and have no brake lights no indicators nor any tail lights and its not a fuse any ideas thanks.

Hey, how'd you go finding a solution? Seems were have the same troubles. After market - not Ford equipment. See an LPG specialist. If its the gauge reading zero I would check your electrical connection to the tank sender unit.

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Could be loose or your internal sender arm is stuck.The first time the entire dash died I pulled the fuse for the EEC, fuse 20 cluster batt, and the dash worked again for a short time.

However it has since failed and I can not find a way to resolve it, or figure out what the cause could be. Any advice on this matter would be appreciated. I don't have a answer. I was surprised to see the Ford Falcon name. I remember the US models from the 70's. I see that yours is Australian. On the radio, check the fuses. Did you do any under dash work with the ground wires?

Sean answered 7 years ago. Yes it is an Australian model. Thank you Judge, I will attend to that now and let you know how it goes. Tenspeed, I did replace the brake switch and notice a bad connection when I installed the new one, I was able to clean up that connection though. I have also replaced the battery a couple of months ago. Cleaned the ground connections from batter to block and block to chassis.

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Still no joy. I have the driver side door panel off as I was sure I could here a short as I was driving, but have not been able to locate any bare or frayed wires as of yet. I have tried resetting the computer by disconnecting the positive on a few occasions and have just tried it again. Unfortunately no joy. Mike answered about a year ago.

Luka answered 2 months ago. Is this problem solved? My indicators and hazard not working at all is it fuses or something worse.

ba falcon icc not working

Just wondering if any of you guys know why my abs light and break system light is showing whilst I have my wipers on? There only coming up dim. CarGurus has 39 nationwide Falcon listings and the tools to find you a great deal. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.

Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. What could be causing complete instrument and radio failure? Report Follow.There are a number of faults that can occur in these vehicles including but no limited to:.

One side of the heater is cold and the other is hot and the other is cold 3. This is a very common problem and the cause is most often either a fault HVAC module or in some instance a broken heater mix shaft. It is possible with the Interior command centre removed from the dash to reach both hands down the heater vents and manipulate the shaft by hand, if it spins freely then the shaft is broken and needs replacing.

These modules will on occasion require reprogramming but often if the battery is disconnected for 10 second the module will reset and work effectively. Please note that dual climate and single climate modules are the same but can be programmed to either setting and may need to be changed if for example a single climate him is fitted to a dual climate vehicle.

Then carefully ensuring you take necessary precautions to protect your safety check the temperature of the heater inlet and outlet hoses located on the firewall in the engine bay of your BA BF or FG Falcon, all the pipes should be the same temperature, if one is hot and the other is cold to touch you more than likely have a blocked heater core that needs to be flushed or in some extreme cases replaced.

Symptom 3: This one appears a little more obvious that coolant smell you have detected will be accompanied by a wet passenger floor carpet and the odour will be overpowering, this indicates a failure of the heater core itself and it will need replacing.

Symptom 4: This is a classic symptom of low refrigerant fill. In the Ford Falcon Airconditioning systems when the vehicle does not have enough fill on occasions you will observe that one side of the system is very cold and the other is warm.

Check the high side and low side refridgerant pressures and fill accordingly. Athol Park Wreckers can conduct all these repairs on your behalf if you would like feel free to contact us on There are a number of faults that can occur in these vehicles including but no limited to: 1. Symptom 2: One side of the heater is hot and the other is cold most often the cause of this symptom is a blocked heater core, start and run the vehicle until warm and turn the heater on.

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ba falcon icc not working

Australian Ford Forums. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read.Ive got no heater, it only blows cold air and the airbag dash light has been on for days. Hi I got a ba xr6 I've changed the centre stereo ,now heater will not work and stereo wont workand when the car is running the the oil light and battery light and engine light stay onany ideas??

Light on my gearbox selector not working ba ford falcon xr 8. My BF falcon has same issue with light in gear shifter not working, don't bother with it, as it is common, some wiring connection fault with them, if bash side of selector housing sometimes light comes back on, about 1 in times of hitting it. Hi I have a BA sedan making very weird noise. Could be your wheel bearing is worn. Check your suspension. After getting to service stn and filling the 2nd time I noticed it only took 40 litres to fill!

Both tanks hold minimum of 40 litres each. So only one tank filling? I also noticed that the drivers side sender gauge says Full, whereas the passengers side tank shows empty.

I asked a mechanic friend of mine and he suggested the following : Both tanks would be full but the sender gauge on the passengers side tank is faulty, and thus the computer only thinks it has 40 litresso shuts down the motor once this level is reached. Your thoughts please? I have a ba falcon xr 8dash lightshead lightstail lightswipersblinkers not working.

What could be causing complete instrument and radio failure?

I have a ba falcon ute I've just taken out the 3. I've checked all fuses all good. The speedo sensor is connected to the transmission. Maybe you've knocked it, or the connections come off. Your gear selector has to do with your reverse lights.

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Again check your transmission. Is the icc unit connected to the wipers? Hay guys I have a ba XR6. Auto She starts fine also gose into all the gears with no problems can drive but when I first brought had to put a fair bit or gear box oil in her. Owned her for two years now and had to put a fair bit in her again. She's now finding it hard to change into gear it will do it and then five seconds later won't.

ba falcon icc not working

Just trying to work out what the problem would any information would be gratefully accepted. Could be many causes. I would change the fluid and filter. If still a problem could be a soleniod hard to tell. Take it to a transmission specialist. Leaking transmissions seals they all did it.

Ford ba fairmont, all dash warning lights are on ,stereo stoped working ,car still drives as it should?

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Hi I have a xr8 boss I have a fuel pump reset light displaying on the right hand side of my dash fuel pump with a line crossed through it car won't start but turns over.

On the passengers side.This absolute beauty has passed our premium safety check, all the hard work has already been done for you.

Warranty, Premium protection for you and your car. Excellent Car for persons of all ages, whether it be the Ideal first car or the perfect family mover! Colour is M7 silver, all parts available. Just wondering what i would get offered for swaps on my turbo falcon. It has a couple of dints in drivers side and stone chips on front of car the icc also plays up.

After a dual cab 4x4. Rims do not come with as i no longer have them. Turbo timer New Process west cross over pipe New proflow coolant bottle New proflow braided oil feed line Hid headlight kit Aftermarket icc facia with kenwood stereo not connected Drift oil catch can installed but need hoses to finish off 2. Pick-up Fitzroy North preferred but can arrange something if need be. I can arrange programming to your car if required for a fee. This item will not be shipped. Please Note: No time wasters.

Can install and program it to your car for extra. A new fully rebuilt engine was fitted two years ago and has only done around 70k on it, have all receipts for that and had all the new upgrades done to it including a set of Comp Cams, MSD coils, billet oil pump, Boss big mouth air intake and exhaust done too, has also had the diff rebuilt and the automatic transmissio.

Ford dealer or mechanic with correct scanner can do it multiple units available. Ego Grey in colour, and Cream Leather Interior.

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ZF 6 Speed Auto! The car presents well for its age and kms, with a few imperfections here and there. A Brand New battery has been fitted.

HOW TO: Reset/Fix the "MyFord Touch" system - (ALL 2011 to 2020 Fords)

The only let down with. SOLD Bumpers SOLD Bonnet SOLD Roofliner SOLD Drivers side doors SOLD Guards Up for SALE!

Car runs well, most issues are aesthetic. The ICC does not light up, so the air con controls and the radio are not working, could all be as simple as a fuse, but have not looked into it. Drivers seat has a tear as seen in the pic.The indicators on my Ford Falcon stopped working suddenly.

I thought when that happened it just makes the same clicking sound, but really quickly. Mine doesn't do anything.

A mechanic I took it to said that it's got a problem with the instrument cluster, so needs a new one. Could it possibly fix itself if I replace it? Or has it got nothing to do with the instrument cluster? When a globe in one of the indicators goes out the other indicator on the same side as the one that has failed will flash quickly.

At the same time the indicators in the instrument cluster will flash quickly and the audible indicator will click quickly. Turn each of the indicators on and check that they are working. If they aren't it suggests a deeper problem, which could be a fault with the cluster. One thing for sure it won't fix itself. If you want to get a second opinion take it to an auto electrician.

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